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Wrapping Memory is an initiative by the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. This project aims to capture and commemorate the beauty of the region of the Gaza Envelope as it was before the tragic morning on October 7.23, and is dedicated to raising money for the people who were harmed that day.

On this website, you will find illustrations that capture the landscapes of the Gaza Envelope. To donate select an illustration of your choice and add it the cart. Each illustration is a 100 NIS donation. All donations will be transferred in full to the Shoresh Fund for immediate support of the Gaza Envelope citizens. An email will be sent with a digital A4 sized file to download.

The initiative is led by Amit Trainin, Head of Illustration in the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, engages the faculty, alumni, and fourth-year students from the department, who contributed their work and illustrations. The project is conducted in collaboration with the web development company Wix. All donations through the website are transferred in full to the "Shoresh" fund, who work to providing immediate assistance to the residents of the Gaza envelope.

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